Simple Steps To Build Go Karts on Your Own

Any racing enthusiast will probably jump at the thought of go karts. It was developed way back in the 1950’s where they were used by pilots to test propellers. This is now a major sporting option before breaking into professional racing. The adrenaline rush the single cylinder engines, basic chassis models, and lack of speed producing components provided by go kart racing is mainly for beginners and novices.

Building A Go Kart:

The thought of owning a go cart is simply amazing and here are some steps that you can follow to build one yourself.

  • Keep a Basic Design in Mind:

You should consider the number of people, clutch type, engine size, materials, components, terrains covered, suspension and system.

Go Kart

  • Plan it out on Paper and Analyze it:

You will need a sheet (or more) of paper and a scale where you consider 1 inch as 1 foot. Plan the basic layout before getting the equipment. You will need to keep the plan in handy. Once the plan is done cross check it with a professional or look into some websites if there is a lack of the former. The analyzing includes checking weight centers, engine to drive line ratios, the strength of the frame and the sizes of the components.

  • Getting The Correct Components:

Once your plan is ready on paper complete with the analysis, you can move on to the next major step which includes procuring the correct material for your go karts for sale. This can seem like a treasure hunt as there are huge possibilities of running to stores every now and then to waste time. You can get the engine from a lawnmower while the chains and clutches can be bought online along with other parts for low prices.

  • Fabricating The Machine:

For this step, there is a lot of hard work involved. You need first to weld the main frame, followed by taking on the rear axle, placing the engine, drive train and braking system in order. The steering wheel is to be placed next followed by the seats, the bottom skin, and the fitting the throttle and brake pedal systems.

Other Things To Consider:

There are a couple of other things that help in putting finishing touches to the kart. These are-

Test Driving The Machine: Finally it is time to ride the success of all the hard work you have been doing all this while. But while you are excited you must always ensure checking the chains, breaks, throttle and the foot paddle. These areas will probably require minute adjustments before the go kart is fully ready and any maladjustment may result in serious accidents.

Painting The Go Kart:  Though you might be all for painting the car before test driving, it is best advised to save this act for the last. Once your go kart is worked out of all the bugs, you can surely start with the painting. Out of the various methods to paint the go kart it is extremely essential for you to apply a good and rust proof primer. You can use a spray can, but that will hike up the entire cost. You can, therefore, opt for a power sprayer.

Following these steps will allow you to build the go kart of your dreams.